Българската асоциация по музикотерапия (БАМ) е сдружение за професионална подготовка, квалификация, специализация и разпространяване на невербалните подходи в психологическата работа в областа на терапията, превенцията и личностното израстване.

Музикотерапия е:
1. Психотерапевтичен подход, при който музиката и музицирането се прилагат за целенасочено медииране на връзката тяло-разум-емоция, в процеса на преживяване и осъзнаване, с цел позитивиране, оздравяване и развитие на човека.
2. Прилага се от квалифициран музикотерапевт и придобива своеобразна целенасоченост в зависимост от теоретико-концептуалната ориентация в съответното психотерапевтично направление.

Какво е музикотерапия?
Музикотерапия е научна дисциплина, в която се използуват основните характеристики и качества на музиката или на музикалните произведения в клиничната рехабилитация или в психологическата работа с терапевтични цели.
Лилия Ахтарова

Music Therapy is:
1. An approach in psychotherapy in which music and musical improvisation are applied for intentional mediation of the body-mind-emotion connection in the process of experiencing and awakening to the consciousness of experiences, aiming at bringing positiveness, health and personal development.

2. It is applied by a qualified/certified music therapist and gets its own idiosyncratic direction, depending on the theoretical-conceptional orientation in the respective psychotherapeutic field.

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The Bulgarian Association for Music Therapy is a professional organization which brings together professionals coming from different fields: musicians, music educators; experts in supportive professions : psychologists, social workers, logopedists, rehabilitators, doctors and other healthcare professionals. BAMT is a member of the European Music Therapy Confederation (EMTC) and the Bulgarian Association for Psychotherapy (BAM).

Liliya Ahtarova

The Bulgarian Association for Music Therapy was founded in the spring of 1995 in Sofia, following the idea of Professor Joseph Moreno and a group of enthusiastic specialists in diverse fields, who were inspired by Professor Moreno’s workshop and confident about the potential of psychological work with music.

During the last years the founders and members of BAMT have met a great deal of difficulties and hindrances in their pioneering work of popularizing music therapy, and in starting a training in a discipline established in Europe, USA and Canada long ago, but unknown in our country.

Here we would like to share some significant moments of our brief history:

The first project aimed toward the training of our specialists has been performed with the support of the British Council in 1997, when two of them – Liliya Ahtarova and Ljudmila Kraeva were sent to Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy National Centre in London.
From 1999 to 2004 a distance training in the approaches of Music and Imagery, and Guiding Imagination with Music (GIM) has been held at the Art Therapy Institute in San Francisco under its director Frances Goldberg, for which we should give credit to Irina Shlesinger, a chairman of BAMT at the time. Faculty:

  • Frances Goldberg,
  • Virginia Clarkson,
  • Dag Korlin,
  • Edith Maria Geiger,
  • Irina Shlesinger.
  • Through the years were held workshops by the following lecturers: Joseph Moreno; Bulgarian specialists who graduated abroad and have their own private practices there: Sofia Russinova (Vienna), Ljubka Mueller (Dresden), Elena Ilieva (Capetown), Milena Lascano (Paris).

    Since it was established, BAMT organized two national conferences – in 2005 and 2007 and regular colloquiums as the smaller format.

    In 2008 has started the four-year training program in Music Therapy Approaches in Psychotherapy led by Professor Nadejda Vitanova and Liliya Ahtarova.

    Professor Moreno gave us his permission for using the copyright of his book “Acting Your Inner Music: Music Therapy and Psychodrama”, which made it possible publish it in Bulgarian at the beginning of 2006.

    The Board of directors at BAMT and a creative team managed to compile and publish a volume with the presentations from the Second National Conference (2007).

    Through its members the Bulgarian Association for Music Therapy takes part in different proffesional forums organized by similar organizations in Bulgaria and abroad.