Българската асоциация по музикотерапия (БАМ) е сдружение за професионална подготовка, квалификация, специализация и разпространяване на невербалните подходи в психологическата работа в областа на терапията, превенцията и личностното израстване.

Музикотерапия е:
1. Психотерапевтичен подход, при който музиката и музицирането се прилагат за целенасочено медииране на връзката тяло-разум-емоция, в процеса на преживяване и осъзнаване, с цел позитивиране, оздравяване и развитие на човека.
2. Прилага се от квалифициран музикотерапевт и придобива своеобразна целенасоченост в зависимост от теоретико-концептуалната ориентация в съответното психотерапевтично направление.

Какво е музикотерапия?
Музикотерапия е научна дисциплина, в която се използуват основните характеристики и качества на музиката или на музикалните произведения в клиничната рехабилитация или в психологическата работа с терапевтични цели.
Лилия Ахтарова

Music Therapy is:
1. An approach in psychotherapy in which music and musical improvisation are applied for intentional mediation of the body-mind-emotion connection in the process of experiencing and awakening to the consciousness of experiences, aiming at bringing positiveness, health and personal development.

2. It is applied by a qualified/certified music therapist and gets its own idiosyncratic direction, depending on the theoretical-conceptional orientation in the respective psychotherapeutic field.

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Tuition program




The purpose of the tuition is for students to get theoretical and practical training, in order to be capable of using the resources of music therapy in the context of different psychotherapeutic approaches.


Board of Directors:


Liliya Ahtarova – Psychotherapist (Systems approach), Certified psychotherapist in the approach of „Music and Imagery“, Music psychotherapist.
Nadejda Vitanova, Ph.D. – Music psychotherapist, Psychodrama  therapist, Jungian psychtherapist.


Liliya Ahtarova, Nadejda Vitanova Ph.D., Neva Krusteva, Doctor Nikola Atanassov, Roumen Bostandjiev, Plamen Panayotov Ph.D., Boyan Strahilov, Jeni Georgieva, Roumen Georgiev, Yosif Gerdzhikov, Anguel Tomov, Lubka Muller, Boyanka Kornazheva , Irina Dimova, Penka Kazandjieva and others.
(The board of directors reserves its right to make changes in faculty in order to achieve a more effective tuition.)


Musicians, music educators, psychologists, medical doctors (physicians) and other professionals with medical education, social workers, help & supportive professions specialists, as well as students in all the fields mentioned above. Candidates should have educated knowledge in music or to cover elementary theoretical and practical skills.



The aim of the entry level is for students to get oriented amongst the main opportunities in the use of suitable means of music therapy and music programs in the psychotherapeutic process through group work.

(30 hours)

By the completion the entry level, participants who would like to continue their tuition to upper levels, should attend an interview conducted by faculty members.


  • A participation in a long-term „Group for self-exploration and personal growth“, by applying approaches of music therapy in the process of psychotherapy.

(200 hours)

  • Practical seminars:


(260 hours)

Practical seminars (table 1)                  Total: 260 hours

Table 1.  Module distribution of the hours of practical seminars.

Educational Applied Contents Hours
Active Music Therapy in Individual and Group Psychotherapy 30
Imagery Associative Music Therapy 60
Music Therapy for Children 30
Musical Psychodrama 30
Music Lab 30
Dance – body movement and music in individual and group psychotherapy 80
Total 260

Table 1.  Module distribution of the hours of practical seminars.


Theoretical seminars (table 2)                                                       (260 hours)

Modular distribution of the hours of theoretical seminars.

Theoretically Applied Area Hours
Psychopathology 30
Main directions and approaches in psychotherapy:- Psychoanalysis- Jungian Psychothrapy- Humanistic and Existential Approaches- Behavioral Approaches in Psychotherapy 15152530
Groups and Group Psychotherapy.- Transactional Analysis- Geschtalt Therapy 1010
Family Therapy 20
Conducting First Interview 20
Psychological Counseling with Psychotherapeutic InclinationSemiotics                                                                                                            15 15
Marital Counseling 15
Brief Therapy 15
Ethics of Supportive Professions 15
Total 260


Additional module №1 for students without training in music – 75 hours

Table 3. Thematic distribution of hours for additional module №1

Contents Hours
Music Literature. Musical Forms and Science of Musical Instruments. 45
History of Art 30


Additional module №2 for certified clinial music therapists with educated knowledge in music

Table 4. Thematic distribution of hours for additional module №2

Contents Hours
Anatomy & Physiology 30
Music Improvisations 30

Hours: 60


Electable workshops  up to 60 hours:

-       Arts in Psychothrapy with Fairy Tales.

-       Psychoanalytic Approaches and Practices in Psychotherapy.

-       Process Work by Arnold Mindell.

-       Jungian Oriented Psychotherapy.

-       Psychodrama Group Therapy.

-        Imagery Associative Approaches in Individual and Group Music Therapy with Psychotherapeutic Inclination.

-        History of Art.

Mandatory of the electable is one of the courses offered above with a total of minimum 60 hours.

Hours: 60

Required literature for broadening the theoretical and theoretically applied preparation.

4.3. PERSONAL PSYCHOTHERAPY – a minimum of 20 sessions, taken for a period not exceeding two consecutive calender years during the period of tuition.

4.4. Basic level is being completed with the WORK ON A THESIS in the field of topics from theoretical and practical seminars, envisioned in th tuition program.


-       Hours envisioned for independent preparation on the thesis: 100.


4.6. SPECIALIZED LEVEL: Intermediate graduation for a Music psychotherapist under supervision

4.6.1.  Individual and group music therapy, as a psychotherapeutic practice for a total of 60 hours, as follows:

- using music therapy approaches for 40 individual psychotherapeutic sessions with adults.

- using music therapy approaches for 20 psychotherapeutic sessions with a group or with children;

4.6.2. Participation in supervisions:

Individual supervision – 30 sessions, including 5 which are directly observed by the supervisor.  Each session of individual supervision lasts for 60 minutes;

Group supervisions – 60 sessions. Ten of these sessions require individual presentations of a case. Each session of group supervisions has a duration of 3 academic hours.

4.7.                        Tuition program completes with a written pesentation of the following:

1. Analysis of a Music Piece.

2. A case from the personal psychtherapeutic practice of a music psychotherapist under supervision.

The case described containtains a supervised psychotherapeutic process, both realized and finalized fthrough a minimum of 10 psychotherapeutic sessions.

- Hours for  independent preparation: 100.

4.8. Diploma (Certificate) of eligibility: Music psychotherapist.